Accordion Everything

The plugin that will turn everything you want into a stylish accordion.

Created by wp roots

Download the plugin

After purchasing the plugin you can download it from your Downloads in the Codecanyon Account.

Install The plugin

Go to your website’s admin panel. Click the Plugins menu and then click on Add new. After the page loads, click on Upload Plugin. Select the archive you have just downloaded from Codecanyon and click Install now.

Using the standalone plugin

The standalone plugin will allow you to create unlimited number of accordions and use them with just a shortcode.

Managing the accordions

The accordions can be managed just like any normal posts or pages. You can add/edit/trash the accordions.

Add / Edit

The basic fields to configure the accordion are:

  • The title: this will help you manage all your accordions and identity each one better.
  • Accordion width: set the width of the accordion and specify the measuring unit pixels (px) or percents (%).
  • Accordion height: set the height of the accordion in pixels (px).
  • Slide width: set the width of each slide and specify the measuring unit pixels (px) or percents (%).

Image Slide

The basic fields to configure the image slide are:

  • Select image: add an image to this slide using the WordPress’ Media Library.
  • URL on slide: set the url users can visit when the slide becomes active.
  • open URL in nea tab: select if you want the URL for this slide to open in a new tab.

Custom HTML Slide

In the Custom HTML Slides you can add whatever code you desire.  This supports shortcodes also. Please remember however that third party applications may present particular requirements.

Card Slide

There are 6 options to configuring a card slide:

  • Card Width: Set custom width for card slide. Use pixels (px) or percents (%).
  • Background image: Select an image to add as background to the card. For this the WordPress media library is used.
  • URL on slide: add an URL on the slide.
  • Header: Set the title on your card.
  • Content: Add content to your card. This section supports shortcodes.

Thanks for purchasing

If you enjoy using this plugin do not forget to go to codecanyon and give a 5 star rating.