Accordion Everything

Accordion Everything is the plugin that allows you to create an accordion from everyting.

Slide types

Image Slide

The simplest and perhaps most useful type of slide is the image slide. Select a custom image and set an URL to associate with.

Custom HTML Slide

For every need you could have. Add all the custom code to create the slides of your accordion. This section also supports shortcodes.

Card Slide

The more elegant version of the image slide is the card slide. With this slide you can select a custom image and set a title and content to it. The template is predefined and all you need to do is add the image and the text.

Slider Settings

Slider Width

You can set the slider with and set it to be in pixels or percents.

Accordion Height

Set the height of the accordion.

Accordion Speed

Set the speed of the animation for activating a slide of the accordion.

Slide Width

Set the with of the slides and use pixels or percents.